Spirit Wear Ideas

Spirit wear ideas

Custom printed spirit wear in St. Louis Missouri

Spirit Wear Ideas

Okay, the new school year is fast approaching and you want to improve on last year’s spirit wear sales. The most common theme we hear from new customers is that spirit wear sales have become stagnant in recent years. We ask our new customers 2 main questions to find out where the issue lies. Question 1: What products have you been selling? Question 2: How do you sell your spirit wear?

The answer to question one is generally always the same two answers. They have been selling the same products for so many years or they have no branding and are continually switching up their spirit wear. The best answer we can provide them is to have them understand how the successful college brands work. They have there staples that never go out of style and they sprinkle in new and trendy apparel each year. Most importantly they have a brand identity in everything they do. That’s the key. We get so many schools who contact us to put together spirit wear who don’t have a branded mascot. Meaning if they are the Bears, they don’t have a set bear mascot logo. We hear all the time that they just want some kind of bear. So that means my bear will be different from last years bear because there is no brand identity.

The answer to question two is either the school shells out a bunch of money to buy shirts they hope they can sell on registration night or they use an order form. There are definintely occasions when buying shirts to sell at event are neccesary. However with spirit wear that’s not always the case. Order forms are a lot of work and have to constantly be manned by someone to collect them, check them for accuracy, and then reach out to all the stragglers. It’s a big effort.

Spirit wear ideas and coming up with new items is tough, we get it. You are in the field of education, not marketing. That’s why we enjoy what we do because we can take a schools spirit wear and take it from where it is to a whole new place that creates brand recogniation and is a profitable venture. Let’s face it, you don’t offer spirit wear just so all the students look cute, you sell spirit wear to raise money and create brand recognition. It’s your schools calling card that says look at us, it’s a great place to get an education.

With that being said we bring a lot of fresh spirit wear ideas with us in both apparel styles and brands as well as designs. We’ll take a look at what you’ve been doing and show you how we can improve on it. The first thing is creating the brand. The second thing is making sure we put you in the best position to sell the most spirit wear.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a 24 year old screen printing business in St. Louis. We started out doing spirit wear for schools and teams and we have continued to work with many schools and teams all over country. If your spirit wear is in a rut give us a call. We’ll see what we can do to help.

Raising money with custom t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing

Raising money through custom t-shirts with Kirkwood Trading Company

Raising money with custom t-shirts

Few things make great fundraising more than custom t-shirts. Raising money with custom t-shirts is very cost effective and easy to do and who doesn’t love a new t-shirt? Kirkwood Trading Company screen prints custom t shirts for all kinds of clients from team sports, businesses, churches, schools, foundations, and fundraising. While they all are fun and unique in their own way, printing shirts for fundraising cause is really something special.

It’s a bittersweet process because we hear the stories behind the shirt order and why specifically these shirts are being printed. When a soccer team needs shirts it is pretty much understood the purpose behind that. When a customer walks in our door with a picture of a young teenage girl and asks if it’s something we can print on 50 t-shirts, we understand the exact purpose of why something wants a photograph of someone on a shirt. Usually it’s pretty grim and in most cases when someone wants a picture of a family member on a t-shirt, it’s because they have passed away from a range of things from heroin, car crashes, cancer, etc. It’s bitter because nobody wants to start their day off printing a picture of a deceased person on a bunch of t-shirts. Thank goodness in this line of work there happens to be the sweet part, and that’s the happiness on the clients faces when they see the finished product, and they take that finished product to raise awareness, sell to raise money for a funeral or a charity, what have you.

Not too long ago 2 mothers can in our shop to look at raising money with custom t-shirts. It was not a fun day to say the least because they each had a picture of their 18 year old sons who died together from heroin overdoses. There sons were best friends and ultimately and tragically died together at a young age. They wanted to sell shirts to raise awareness on the heroin epidemic in St. Louis as well as raise funds for funeral costs. They had support and new they needed 50 t-shirts to help offset some costs. We put together a design using the young men’s photos, the order was placed and 2 days later we started printing first thing in the morning. Most people working at Kirkwood Trading Company have children of their own so a custom t-shirt order like this hits home a little bit. It was a somber morning because looking at these pictures these two handsome gentleman, now deceased, looked like they have the potential to do anything they wanted as they grew up. The next morning the moms come in to pick up the order. Yesterday was sad, the next day when they picked up the shirts was happy. They were crying they were so happy to have these shirts and new what these custom tees meant in the way of awareness, offsetting funeral costs, and just for their own keepsake. Through these custom t-shirts their sons would live on and their message would ring clear.

As it turned out, the shirts were such a hit with their community that they came back the next week and ordered 100 more shirts. Their message was heard and it brought closure to an otherwise tragic event.

We have so may stories like this. Most recently printing shirts for a young man I feel privileged to have met who went through a living hell with cancer. He went into remission for a bit and actually was hired by us to do some social media work. I spoke with this young man one day for 30 minutes and it’s the only time I ever spoke with him as he worked directly with another individual. But in that 30 minute chat I see why he had such an impact on everyone he met and why he had hundreds of friends to where the family ordered a few thousand t-shirts in his honor for raising money with custom t-shirts. I don’t know the exact number but when you order a couple thousand shirts the cost is low, the profit they made was donated to the lymphoma society and I’m guessing based on what sold the shirts to them for and what they resold them for in their fundraising effort probably raised around $6,000-$10,000. That’s is a huge impact one individual had on his peers. And it was heart warming effort on our part because we helped them in their efforts.

Custom t-shirts are marketing whether you are a business, a sports team, a church, or a bunch of guys celebrating a bachelor party. Those shirts are your brand and few things are more powerful that cost so little.

If you are looking at raising money with custom t-shirts contact us here at Kirkwood Trading Company. We will work with you to make sure your shirts are the something to be proud of. We can print or sew your logo on any number of different garments and no matter your cause, we will be happy to get your there.

custom printed performance t-shirts

Custom Printed Performance T-shirts

Custom Performance moisture wicking t-shirt printing. Kirkwood Trading Company St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company offers custom printed performance t-shirts. These are the 100% polyester moisture wicking anti-microbial fabrics that have come into high fashion in recent years. Due to the trend these shirts are taking over and with them is coming lower price points so getting awesome feeling shirts doesn’t cost an arm or a leg any longer. These custom printed performance t-shirts come in a variety of colors including camo prints and what they call tie-dry. You have your basic colors and then digitally printed patterns as well. If you are looking for an edge on the field or in everyday wear, custom printed performance t-shirts are the way to go. Especially in climates like St. Louis where our summers are muggy and hot.

Performance shirts get their name because of the ability of the material to take sweat and push it to the outside of the fabric quickly for faster evaporation. The evaporation has a cooling effect and when sweat and moisture get wicked quickly, then you shirt remains light and comfortable.

Custom printed performance t-shirts accept a variety of substrates with the most popular being a screen print design. The screen print design is among the most durable printing method for the life of the design. Because performance shirts are thin and slick they allow a nice custom design or logo to be printed with minimal ink deposit. So even your logo or design won’t bog down the light weight shirts.

In addition to custom printed performance t-shirts, there is a variety of styles including athletic jerseys and uniforms. Performance fabrics aren’t limited to t-shirts either. This material is available in sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, hats, and just about any style garment.

Kirkwood Trading Company in St. Louis specializes in screen printing on performance fabrics. We offer the best price points in the area and our turn around time of 4 to 6 business days is the fastest in the local industry.

If you are looking to enhance your team shirts or jerseys or simply want to check out the trend of custom performance printed t-shirts, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and pricing.

Custom t-shirts St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts

Custom Tees

Choosing the right company for your custom t-shirts can seem daunting. In St. Louis you have a lot of options. You want the best quality printing on a comfortable shirt and you want them ready when you need them, right?

Custom t-shirts screen printing is an industry that the average person really has no idea of the process of which is carried out to get a design from a computer screen onto a quality t-shirt. I’d compare it to things like having your oil changed in your car or having an electrician come in and adding additional outlets to your house. Most people are not familiar with these processes.

When it comes to custom tees, I would first recommend a company that is going to take the time and speak with you about your specific needs. We are talking about having something completely custom made and the buyers input is just as important to the process as any other aspect. A t-shirt shop is custom printing your design on shirts and it should look exactly how you want it.

Another important thing to keep in mind is look at the history of the company. History means experience and a track level of doing things correctly. A company that has been in business for 20 years has seen everything. They know the tricks of the trade and their know how means they have been doing it long enough to keep at it.

Most people have no idea about the shirts available for purchase. T-shirts follow trends and typically set them. So a soft feeling cotton shirt with a slight taper down the side may fit your needs more so than a traditional cotton. Any issues with artwork, design, colors, ink colors should be caught early in the process and honestly, the first visit is really when any issues should arise so they can be nipped in the bud.

Probably the most important trait you want to find in a custom t-shirt company is time frame. Do they have a track record for fast turn around times on orders and meeting customer deadlines? Look at reviews you might find on the web. The last thing you want to experience is being one of the customers whose shirts are completed in the time frame you need them and your event becomes less successful because you don’t have your shirts.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based custom t-shirt screen printing shop. We have been serving St. Louis and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. From day one our priority was providing our customers with the best possible customer service, high quality screen printing, and meeting custom deadlines. We do what we have to in orde to make all of those things jive, and we love every minute of it. If you are in the market for custom t-shirts give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free price quote.

Custom Athletic Jerseys Fast St. Louis

Kirkwood Trading Company custom T-shirts St. Louis

Custom Athletic jerseys and uniforms with quick turn around time.

Kirkwood Trading Company has always been more than just a custom t-shirt shop. In addition to screen printing custom tees for the past 20 years, we have also been one of the areas leaders in custom athletic jerseys and jerseys. Hailed by our clients for our super fast turn around times, we are a company that has been asked to step up time and time again where others have failed. To us, a team having to start the beginning of their season without their jerseys is absurd. Listen, no company is so bogged down that they can’t put in a little over time to meet a customer deadline. Meeting customer deadlines is the one reason companies like ours stay in business. Perhaps that we print in-house and do all of our lettering and numbering in-house gives us a step up but really you are saving money as well.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a full line of athletic jerseys and uniforms from a few main sources of athletic companies and brands. We offer a variety of options for just about every sport for both youth and adult. In addition to styles and materials we also offer several color combinations to meet the needs of your team colors. Jerseys come in both youth and adult, male and female and we can customize them to fit your needs in your time frame.

Whether it’s girls volleyball or high school hockey. We have the modern jerseys and materials you are looking for. We provide the best options and best everyday brands for custom athletic uniforms and jerseys and we can print to your specs.

The ordering process is simple. Let us know what you are looking for and in what colors. From socks to hats we can outfit your entire team or entire organization. While our average turn around time on custom t-shirts is 4-6 business days, usually we can complete jersey orders in that time. Sometimes a team wants socks, pants, jerseys, and hats. On occasions such as these we will still have your order completed in 10 business days. It’s a matter of the location of the items relative to us and what we are doing on them. If we are printing numbers on pants, jerseys, and hats in addition to printing, that takes a little extra time but again, our orders are completed inside 10 business days for custom jerseys and athletic apparel.

The next time you are looking to outfit your team or organization here in St. Louis, call Kirkwood Trading Comapny for a free price quote. I think you’ll find the best customer service and options for your time team and your time frame will be something we find completely manageable. #kirkwoodtradingcompany #screen_printing #custom_jerseys

Custom Mugs in St. Louis

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs fast!

Looking for custom mugs? You came to the right place. Kirkwood Trading Company offers quality custom mug printing in-house so the quality is superior and the turn around is fast. Located in St. Louis we are centrally located so shipping across the continental United States is a breeze.

We offer a full different styles of mugs. All mugs will have a white base. The following mugs can be customized to fit your needs.

1. 11oz white coffee mugs – print capabilities is a quarter inch away from the handle and a quarter inch bleed on top and bottom.
2. 15oz white coffee mugs – same print location
3. Heart shaped coffe mugs- same print location
4. Metal travel mugs – same print location

Our process of printing mugs is different than screen printing which means it doesn’t count colors. So your mug logo or design could be a single color or full color and the price per mug is the same.

Each custom mug order receives a digital proof prior to us printing the order. That way there is no confusion on how the mug should look. All mugs are dishwasher safe!

Each mug is guaranteed to last for several occasions and add enjoyment for all those or partake. With a super fast turn around time on custom mug orders they are a unique gift that is too easy to pass up.

Custom coffee mugs are great for many occasions.

Churches to give to new members
Christmas or Birthday gifts
Clubs and organizations
Gag gifts
Company marketing
commemorate something
and much more.

In addition to mugs we also provide the following custom items with our dye sublimation process
phone cases
dog tags
water bottles
award plaques
name badges
clip board
door hangers
poker chips
and so much more.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company at our contact us page located on our website Kirkwood Trading Company

St. Louis Custom T-Shirts and Spirit Wear

Kirkwood Trading Company

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts and spirit wear printing

Custom printed spirit wear for your school, team, or event

Kirkwood Trading Company has been providing custom spirit wear in St. Louis for 20 years. We currently work with many local schools as well as schools and teams across the country. Because we carry a full line of apparel and the fact that we access all major distributors we are able to get just about any apparel products a school or team could want.

We offer custom jerseys for all sports in many styles, color combinations and fabrics from cotton, poly, blends, and spandex. The trend now is for light weight performance wicking fabric and all of the major garments we offer will come in that as well. In addition to the apparel and printing we also offer custom lettering and numbering and since we cut our own letters and numbers pretty much any font you would want to use is fine.

Regarding spirit wear we offer several styles of t-shirts including the basic tees, ladies, youth, and specialty cut shirts as well as sweatpants, shorts, jackets, bags, towels, mugs, koozies, and more. For many spirit stores we are a one stop shop for most of their store needs and at the very least where the apparel is concerned.

With our super fast turn around time of 4-6 business days we have grown in the spirit wear business because schools need items fast because if their shelves are empty they are losing revenue. So while we always have fast turn around times on orders we prioritize those clients who use our screen printed apparel as revenue.

When it comes to smaller schools or schools who don’t’ have a spirit shop we work on an order form basis. If need be we’ll provide the custom order form for the school. While it’s always easiest if the school tallies the orders but if need be we can do that too.

When it comes to design most schools have their standard logo and many come to us with a t-shirt design already. However many of our clients look to us to provide them with popular trends not just in the artwork but in the design area as well. If asked we’ll gladly put some designs together for you so you can see options and choose a design or designs that work best for you.

For teams, in addition to the full line of jerseys and uniforms we also carry several brands of coaches shirts, warm-ups and jackets. It seems the recent trend has been to get away from the jackets and the hoodie has gained in popularity.

Because we print in-house we can accommodate rush orders from our clients as well. We understand that when it comes to schools and teams and there is a lot of fundraising and money to be made should a team advance to the playoffs or have an annual big game against a rival. In those cases often times there is not tons of time to plan for such events. We had one particular school who called us back in 2013 and asked if there high school football team made it to state, could be print up some t-shirts so they could sell them at school to raise money for the athletic program. The only caveat is that the semi-final game would be 5 days before the state game so we would have a short window to print shirts. Short notice was not a problem and we got the design out of the way ahead of time. When they advanced to state we printed 1,000 shirts within a couple of days and then printed another 1,000 a couple days after that. The shirts were selling faster than we could print. The team went on to win the state game and the school decided to get custom t-shirts printed for the state championship. Because it was a local high school, local citizens in addition to the student body bought shirts and they eneded up selling another 3,000 state championship t-shirts. The proceeds raised from shirts went into upgrading the school fields and weight room. Because we turned the order around so quickly we were hero’s to the school and they were thankful because they raised a lot of money.

If you have a need for custom spirit wear or team wear, the Kirkwood Trading Company in St. Louis will be happy to provide you with a price quote. We offer a fast turn around time on all of our orders and we operate with customer convenience in mind.