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Kirkwood Trading Company custom T-shirts St. Louis

Custom Athletic jerseys and uniforms with quick turn around time.

Kirkwood Trading Company has always been more than just a custom t-shirt shop. In addition to screen printing custom tees for the past 20 years, we have also been one of the areas leaders in custom athletic jerseys and jerseys. Hailed by our clients for our super fast turn around times, we are a company that has been asked to step up time and time again where others have failed. To us, a team having to start the beginning of their season without their jerseys is absurd. Listen, no company is so bogged down that they can’t put in a little over time to meet a customer deadline. Meeting customer deadlines is the one reason companies like ours stay in business. Perhaps that we print in-house and do all of our lettering and numbering in-house gives us a step up but really you are saving money as well.

Kirkwood Trading Company offers a full line of athletic jerseys and uniforms from a few main sources of athletic companies and brands. We offer a variety of options for just about every sport for both youth and adult. In addition to styles and materials we also offer several color combinations to meet the needs of your team colors. Jerseys come in both youth and adult, male and female and we can customize them to fit your needs in your time frame.

Whether it’s girls volleyball or high school hockey. We have the modern jerseys and materials you are looking for. We provide the best options and best everyday brands for custom athletic uniforms and jerseys and we can print to your specs.

The ordering process is simple. Let us know what you are looking for and in what colors. From socks to hats we can outfit your entire team or entire organization. While our average turn around time on custom t-shirts is 4-6 business days, usually we can complete jersey orders in that time. Sometimes a team wants socks, pants, jerseys, and hats. On occasions such as these we will still have your order completed in 10 business days. It’s a matter of the location of the items relative to us and what we are doing on them. If we are printing numbers on pants, jerseys, and hats in addition to printing, that takes a little extra time but again, our orders are completed inside 10 business days for custom jerseys and athletic apparel.

The next time you are looking to outfit your team or organization here in St. Louis, call Kirkwood Trading Comapny for a free price quote. I think you’ll find the best customer service and options for your time team and your time frame will be something we find completely manageable. #kirkwoodtradingcompany #screen_printing #custom_jerseys

Custom Mugs in St. Louis

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs fast!

Looking for custom mugs? You came to the right place. Kirkwood Trading Company offers quality custom mug printing in-house so the quality is superior and the turn around is fast. Located in St. Louis we are centrally located so shipping across the continental United States is a breeze.

We offer a full different styles of mugs. All mugs will have a white base. The following mugs can be customized to fit your needs.

1. 11oz white coffee mugs – print capabilities is a quarter inch away from the handle and a quarter inch bleed on top and bottom.
2. 15oz white coffee mugs – same print location
3. Heart shaped coffe mugs- same print location
4. Metal travel mugs – same print location

Our process of printing mugs is different than screen printing which means it doesn’t count colors. So your mug logo or design could be a single color or full color and the price per mug is the same.

Each custom mug order receives a digital proof prior to us printing the order. That way there is no confusion on how the mug should look. All mugs are dishwasher safe!

Each mug is guaranteed to last for several occasions and add enjoyment for all those or partake. With a super fast turn around time on custom mug orders they are a unique gift that is too easy to pass up.

Custom coffee mugs are great for many occasions.

Churches to give to new members
Christmas or Birthday gifts
Clubs and organizations
Gag gifts
Company marketing
commemorate something
and much more.

In addition to mugs we also provide the following custom items with our dye sublimation process
phone cases
dog tags
water bottles
award plaques
name badges
clip board
door hangers
poker chips
and so much more.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company at our contact us page located on our website Kirkwood Trading Company