Top 10 Shirts for Custom Screen Printing

Top 10 Shirts for screen printing
Top 10 shirts for custom T-shirt screen printing

Top 10 Shirts for Custom Screen Printing

#10 – The Tall Tee
As time travels on humans are getting taller and larger. In recent years the demand for tall tees and XXL and XXXL and higher tees have grown tremendously. With a longer body it allows taller people to wear a custom t-shirt without feeling like a belly shirt. The only downside, most tall shirts start at XL so if you are a tall skinny person who wears a large, you may be out of luck. Tall tees come in a variety of fabrics but the color selection is often limited.

#9 – Ringer T-shirt
You know the shirt that gained popularity in the 80’s with a solid colored shirt and contrasting rings in various colors around the sleeves and neckline. They still hold a place near and dear to our hearts. Today there use is strictly for 2 things, nostalgia and smart companies wanting to put their brand on a shirt that still catches people’s eye. The market is also popular in the spirit wear arena and many companies are adapting the traditional cotton ringer to todays trendy light weight softer ring spun cotton and poly.

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Popular Ringer T-shirt

#8 – Baseball T-shirt
Similar to the ringer this tee has contrasting color sleeves and actually comes in 3 styles, the full length long sleeve, the 3/4 sleeve, and the short sleeve. It’s not just about softball jerseys anymore either. While they are most popular for recreational sports teams using them as jerseys, they have also gained traction for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Like the ringer tee, companies are producing the baseball tee in more colors and popular fabrics.

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Custom screen print baseball tee

#7 – Racerback Tank Top
I can see why this is a popular tank among women because it truly is a women’s cut tank. Seeing the racer back lets you know that this is a ladies cut tank and only a ladies cut tank. It’s the unisex divide. It’s tapered, offered by a lot of the popular brands and comes in a variety of cool colors and styles and materials. You can get it in a preshrunk cotton, a performance poly, and even in a burnout. Side note: For best custom racerback tank top results, keep screen printing designs and logos on the small size.

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Awesome custom printed racerback tanks

#6 – V-neck Tee
Both men and women have grown to love the V-neck. It’s a style that comes in virtually every brand and color and material. Women have the additional option of the deep v-neck which tends to be more popular among the food and drink industry and women’s outings than anything else. The v-neck is a popular choice but you either love them or hate them so it’s not always the best choice for large quantity branding.

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custom printed v-necks in St. Louis.

#5 – Comfort Colors
If you are in high school or college then you know Comfort Colors. These are garment dyed shirts that are soft. By garment dyed they are dyed as a shirt rather than created from a dye thread. They come in great alternative colors both bright and subtle. They truly are a stand alone shirt and are great for customization. They also come in every style of shirt you could want from a tank, sweatshirt, pocket tee, long sleeve, short sleeve, and zip hoodie.

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comfort colors custom logo screen printing

#4 – Ladies Cut Tee
Today more than ever women have more options in the ladies cut tees. Every major manufacturer offers multiple styles and women are just happy they don’t have to always have the unisex tee. With vibrant colors and expert tailoring these shirts come in cuts for all sizes of women. Easy to screen print and now they with their popularity their prices are coming down a bit in more styles.

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custom screen printed ladies cut t-shirts in St. Louis.

#3 – Performance Tee
The most innovative shirt yet, well not the shirt but the material. It’s gained in popularity so much that the price just keeps dropping every year. With every major manufacturer offering several styles in the 100% poly, the options are plenty. With moisture wicking dri-fit technology, these shirts keep you cool and dry when you aren’t. They take the moisture from your body and transfer it through the shirt to the outside where it evaporates. A very soft shirt with a thin material makes a great option for businesses who work outside, sports teams, and just any one looking to have their logo printed in a trendy product.

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Custom Printed Performance t-shirts. Dri fit moisture shirts great for any logo

#2 – 50/50 Blends
You want trendy, the blends are trendy but they are also here to stay. They are a staple in the alternative of the preshrunk cotton shirt. These shirts contain a blend of cotton, typically ring spun for softerness, a blend of polyester, and some styles offer a rayon into the mix making a triblend tee. These light weight very soft shirts are among the most popular in recent years. The only downside is their cost is a little higher but from a marketing stand point, you print your logo on these shirts and you’ll have no problems giving them away and having people actually where them. Again, a shirt all major manufacturers offer in multiple styles and colors. Their feel can’t be rivaled and they truly stand alone. Combining light weight and softness is a winner every time. Price is probably the only thing that will always keep this shirt #2 in the TOp 10 shirts for custom screen printing.

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Custom printed triblend t-shirts

#1 – 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt
Because it’s been around for ever people know what they are getting. The preshrunk cotton comes in over 90 colors and every manufacturer has more colors than you shake a stick at. They typically come in 2 different weights and have the best price point of any shirt. The last forever, they hold ink great when screen printed, and they come in virtually every style including ladies and youth. That they are preshrunk means you can now order true to size because the days of them shrinking by 2 sizes after the first wash are over. These shirts because of their color selection and price point will always remain the #1 in the top 10 shirts for custom screen printing. Every manufacturer offers multiple styles in ladies and youth and unisex styles. The best option to get more bang for you buck.

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Custom t-shirt screen printing number 1 in top 10

There you have it. The Top 10 Shirts for custom screen printing. So if you are looking to have custom T shirts printed, these list should guide you to the right direction.

When in doubt, consult us at the Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll be happy to discuss options for your next custom t-shirt order.