Custom T-shirt lead time
lead time or turn around time on custom t-shirt orders

Kirkwood Trading Company gears our business model towards one thing, meeting or exceeding customer deadlines. Custom t-shirts can look amazing but if they aren’t in the customers hands when they need them, there would be no point in what we do. Our standard order turn around time is 4-6 business days and we always meet our deadlines.

With our 20 years of experience we have streamlined the process of going from the customer placing their order to the customer receiving their custom printed t-shirts. This not only gives our customers a sigh of relief knowing they’ll have their order completed in time with Kirkwood Trading Company, but our process saves you both time and money while offering added convenience.

How To Place An Order

Whether it’s custom t-shirts, custom mugs, or custom athletic uniforms, we try to make ordering from us very simple and convenient. We require 3 things to place an order with us.

1. Artwork – Artwork should be in vector format (don’t know what that is, no problem we can help) Vector artwork is a scalable format that allows color separation and re-sizing without pixelation (rough edges). A lot of people don’t have their artwork in this format and in those cases if we need to re-create the artwork, there may be fees associated with it. We can discuss the artwork you have when you call us.

2. Shirt style, color, and sizes. We need to know what you want and then we can tell you how soon it’s available for us to receive in order to screen print it. Most apparel is available to us on a 1 or 2 day ship.

3. A Deposit. Kirkwood Trading Company requires a 50% deposit on all orders with the 50% balance due when order is complete. Some customers such as schools, this is not always doable. But in general those are our requirements.

So the process of placing an order is previewed above. Once an order is placed we will order the shirts to come in and print when they arrive. Prior to printing your order you will receive a mock up to approve prior to printing. That way there are no surprises. You will also be given a firm date when your order will be completed.

Order Turn Around Time 4-6 Business Days

We boast the fastest order turn around time in St. Louis with our average turn around time is 4 to 6 business days. Most orders that come through our door are completed in this time frame. Certain requirements on a given order may take a couple days longer, and some requirements may allow us to print an order in just a couple of days. We try to accommodate our customers whatever their deadline. Although most customers still give us the 2 week order date and we appreciate it, just know that we get shirts in and get them out. Obviously shirt orders that number in the thousands may take more time and shirts that are 100 pieces or less can be completed faster. Again, you’ll have a firm date for completion when you place your order with Kirkwood Trading Company. Printing custom t-shirts in St. Louis for over 20 years we have screen printing down to a science. Our shop runs like a well oiled machine and with our experience we have been able to eliminate a lot of common pitfalls. Doing all of our printing services in-house ensures quality and fast turn around times without the common hassles.

Just know that when you place your order with Kirkwood Trading Company, you’ll know exactly when it will be completed. No surprises.