What format do you want my artwork in?

We get this question alot. Ideally we’d like what is called vector artwork, which is artwork originally created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Photoshop files work as well but certain filters can be a hinderance and if the graphic isn’t size correctly, since it’s a raster program there can be issues with sizing. Ideal formats will be .ai, .eps, and .cdr. We often tell people who aren’t sure to send over a PDF file if they have one of those because typically they’ve had business cards made, brochures, etc, and that format can work as well depending on it’s origin.

People do provide raster formats such as jpegs and bitmaps, depending on the resolution and complexity of the print they can work but they aren’t ideal.

If there is an issue with your artwork we will let you know and give you options for correcting it.