Using Custom T-shirts for a fundraiser

Using Custom T-shirts for a fundraiser

We wrote this blog post on our Talkingink Custom T-shirts site to let people know how profitable a well designed custom t-shirt can be for the purposes of fundraising. When it comes to fundraising of any kind, the idea is to maximize the money coming in while minimizing the money going out. Giving our customers a free online store as their selling platform puts them ahead of the game in a traditional sense of selling online.

That blog post is here Start A T-shirt Fundraiser

We have worked with 4 people on a custom t-shirt fundraiser in 2018 alone. One particular store raised over $1,000 in the first week of sales. This particular store had no idea how much money they could raise. Another store we built for a customer offered sweatshirts and t-shirts and they surpassed the $300 they were hoping to raise to offset field trip costs for a class. Talkingink Custom T-shirts handled all building the store, order processing, shipping, and dispersing of the profits for the fundraiser. Feedback was it was the easiest fundraiser they have ever done.

Currently we are in the process of starting a store for a group of medical professionals looking to raise funds for their schooling. In this particular case the customer did all of the leg work ahead of time to ensure a successful fundraising campaign. She developed the interest and now we can’t get the store launched soon enough.

If you have a purpose and need to raise funds contact us. Talkingink Custom T-shirts is the fundraising arm of Kirkwood Trading Company. Our goal is to help you raise money with a custom t-shirt fundraiser and we’ll do so in the most convenient way possible. So you can spend your time doing other things.