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AI Generated Logos

AI Generated logos is a result of AI being the new buzz word. Everything is going to AI and that includes the custom t-shirt printing industry. AI generated logos are pretty cool because you can get excellent quality images. Include the fact that along with the image you can get some additional design ideas within the ai generated logos.

Included in this post is an AI Generated Logo. I simply typed in Boxer wearing a t-shirt. This was the third renderging from the ai app and none of the renderings had an actual boxer dog wearing a t-shirt. So there are definitely some limitations. The word boxer was mispelled in the ai generation and the text is kind of muddled. What did do though was give me a base to start a design. The dog came out fantastic. I could take this high quality dog image and use it to create my ficticious screen printing company. I wasn’t going to spend tons of time on this design just to give an idea of the possibilities.

What I found is the AI generated logos apps save me a lot of time and money compared to the time to create a boxer dog from scratch. Even though you’ll send time regenerating to find something relative to your ideas, in the long run it should still save considerable time.

The one downfall as it pertains to custom t-shirts is the ai generated logo apps output only raster images. In screen printing we work with vector images which we can scale and color separate. So there can still be fees for converting ai generated logos. That will still be less expensive than highering a graphic artist to create something from scratch.

We just printed our first custom t-shirt order using ai generated artwork. The customer was ecstatic over the design we created for them. The design printed really well and clean after we put a few tweaks on it. Overall it saved us a bunch of art creation time and our client considerable money on artwork creation money. We were actually able to come up with an ai generated logo, clean it up in about 5 minutes, present it to the client, and charge them zero fees on the artwork side of the process.

AI is only going to get better. I’m not sold on everything it can do but in regards to the custom t-shirt printing business. It’s quickly finding it’s place.

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Or you try it yourself here. Please not conversion fees may apply to convert a raster generated AI graphic into a vector graphic.

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