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The bests brands for your custom t-shirts

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The best Brands for your custom t-shirts

By far the question we get asked the most is the brand we’d recommend to someone who is wanting to order custom t-shirts. The answer can be simple and complicated at the same time. First and foremost, the best brands for your custom t-shirts would be determined by your budget. If you have no budget your options increase. But let’s back up a little bit.

what makes a good t-shirt for custom t-shirt printing

Whether it’s t-shirts, kitchen appliances, or a new car, people want value and value is derived from a few different qualities. Durability is one, cost is another, and purpose. The best brands for your custom t-shirts need to contain all three for you to get the best value out of your custom t-shirts.

In choosing our recommendations for the best brands for your custom t-shirts we base our choices as they contain all three characteristics.

First, the Gildan 5000. This is the most popular t-shirt on the planet. Great price point, comes in over 75 color options, fits pretty comfortably with it’s generous profle so it can be worn by all body types. It’s durable, the lowest price shirt, and while it’s label says heavy cotton, it’s actually the lighter of their two cotton options at 5.3oz. The color options, price, and constant avaiability is what makes this the most attracive custom t-shirt option. It’s preshrunk so it’s great for longevity and the surface accepts ink really well.

Next is the Gildan softstyle. With modern demand for softer feeling shirts the Gildan sofstyle, numbered G64000 has great value compared to other soft option shirts. For one it’s a Gildan product which is classified as an “everyday” brand where as most soft options are in what are called premium brands. The softstyle offers a slight taper but still comfortable with most body types. It’s texture is also good at accepting ink applications. This price falls between the basic cotton t-shirts and the high premium cotton brands.

Last but not least is the premium brand Next Level CVC N6210 style. Aside from the more expensive triblend shirts the CVC is the penultimate soft shirt with the cotton being combed and ringspun along with a blend of polyester. For the value and durability in softness, it’s a great option for your next custom t-shirt order. It’s on the higher end of cost for custom t-shirts but still budget friendly compared to the triblends and other uber soft styles out there. Comes in 36 to 38 color options and some very unique color options as well.

The best brands for your custom t-shirts would be any of these three options. Not just based on recommondation but also because they are the 3 most popular options among our clients.

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