Walk Run Event Custom T-shirts

Walk Run Event Custom T-shirts
Custom t-shirt screen printing for your walk run or roll event. Fast turn around and great quality shirts at good prices

Walk Run Event Custom t-shirts are probably the largest marketing resources a foundation can have when it comes to promotion and events. Sure pens and pads of paper and a frisbees make great items for attendance prizes or goody bags. A custom printed t-shirt with your cause or foundation on it raises awareness ten fold. If you are looking to have an event whether it’s your first year or 5th year, look no further than some of the bigger foundations and what they are doing.

Local walks for things such as Autism and breast cancer have numbers in the tens of thousands attending each local walk or run event. That’s tens of thousands walking billboards and the graphics are always original, always cool and eye catching. The volume of shirts brings the per shirt price down lower and you have people wearing these shirts for weeks if not years advertising your cause.

Kirkwood Trading Company located in St. Louis has a lot of walk run event custom t-shirts clients. We do custom tees for foundations across the country. With answers looming in the future and diagnosis ever higher, walks have become a great way to raise both money and awareness. Cures are funded with money raised from these very events and when you grow enough to have events in every state and major city, you are talking about a lot of dollars coming in for research. Sometimes a t-shirt is just the thing to make a child smile.

Walk run event custom t-shirts are a simple process. Typically the foundation, organization, or event will have their own logo and artwork. If not, no problem because Kirkwood Trading Company has graphic artists to assist in t-shirt design if need be.

We look at your needs and how many shirts you need. We price the quantity with the type of shirt and the artwork that is being printed and formulate a price. We have a very fast turn around time so we can wait until just about as last minute as you can get to maximize your needs and order.

For a free price quote contact Kirkwood Trading Company. We’ll be happy to work with you on your custom t-shirt needs show you how we can be a good fit for you walk run event custom t-shirts.