In most cases our typical turn around time is 4-6 business days. Generally we tell customers that if they place their order on a Monday, they’ll have it by that Friday. Now 90% of the time this holds true but there are some exceptions.

– Not having the proper vector artwork at the time the order is placed may delay turn around time.
– Orders over 1,000 pieces may take a day or two longer depending on the printing specs. Any orders over 4,000 pieces will require an additional 4 business days.
– Some apparel is stocked at the manufacturers warehouse rather than a distributors which takes a day or two longer to get to us. In those cases depending on the specific apparel, there may be a delay.
– Orders requiring indvidual names and/or numbers may take an extra day or two.

No matter the situation, when you place your order you’ll have an exact date your order will be completed.

We get this question alot. Ideally we’d like what is called vector artwork, which is artwork originally created in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Photoshop files work as well but certain filters can be a hinderance and if the graphic isn’t size correctly, since it’s a raster program there can be issues with sizing. Ideal formats will be .ai, .eps, and .cdr. We often tell people who aren’t sure to send over a PDF file if they have one of those because typically they’ve had business cards made, brochures, etc, and that format can work as well depending on it’s origin.

People do provide raster formats such as jpegs and bitmaps, depending on the resolution and complexity of the print they can work but they aren’t ideal.

If there is an issue with your artwork we will let you know and give you options for correcting it.

Yes, all of the services we offer we provide in-house which includes screen printing, embroidery, and dye sublimation. Providing all of our services in-house is why we are able to turn around orders so quickly and why we meet or exceed every customers deadline. Additionally we save our customers money as we have streamlined the process over the past 20 years in the printing industry.

If we can avoid it don’t like charging rush order fees. We appreciate the business and we understand that things come up. If we can turn a job around in the time you need to have it without causing too many hiccups we aren’t going to charge a rush hour fee. Sometimes our schedule doesn’t allow for that and in those few cases we simply have to charge a rush order fee because in order to meet a super tight deadline, we are either pushing another job back or putting in additional hours to get all of the orders we have to do that done completed. You’ll know when you place your order if it’s a 1 or 2 day turn around whether or not you’ll incur a rush hour fee. We certainly don’t surprise our customers with hidden fees.

No, we offer a full line of apparel that we can customize to fit your needs. We utlize over 7 different suppliers that carry of 40,000 products. I won’t list them all but the most popular ones are as follows

– Short Sleeve & Long Sleeve
– Mens, Women’s and Youth
– Cotton, performance poly, dual blends, triblends, and Dryblends

– Hoodies and crewneck and quarter zips

Shorts – all styles and materials

Sweatpants – various styles, and materials

Coffee Mugs

athletic jerseys
and much more.

No, in order for us to provide the best quality and turn around possible as well as price, we do not print on customer provided goods.

It depends, ideally we need vector artwork which is a scalable graphic with the ability to be color separated. When something is hand drawn it tends to lose resolution as it’s scanned into a computer and then sent via email. While there isn’t a perfect ansewr one thing we tell people is to send us the graphic in question and we can give you an answer once we see what we are working with.

That is just business. No matter the product or service some company’s practically give it away while others try to get as much as they possible can. Kirkwood Trading Company has been in business for over 24 years. In that time we have come to understand the quality our customers expect and what that price commands. Depending on any given situation, sometimes we might be the highest price and sometimes we might be the lowest. Our goal is to produce the highest quality product you’d expect at a fair price. We can’t speak for other companies and their pricing habits. We can only speak for our long history of being one of the top screen printers in the St. Louis area and let our reputation speak for our company.

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