Spirit Wear HQ

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Spirit Wear headquarters. Everything you need to sell great spirit wear



VISIT A LIVE STORE HERE: https://stores.inksoft.com/kirkwoodcrush
Sample Store




– We carry a full line of apparel that we can print or sew to meet your needs.
– We can provide you with an order form or online store Free of charge
– Use your logo or we can create designs for you to help you sell the most.
– Help you decide which apparel to offer and what items are hot sellers.
– We can talk to you about best practices for running a successful spirit wear campaigns to maximize the money you can make for the school or club or organization.

We will build you a fully operational e-commerce store to sell your spirit wear online absolutely free. This takes a day or two.

– No up front costs
– No costly inventory
– Dedicated store with only your products
– Free up your personal time
– We handle order processing and if need be shipping as well
– If used to raise money for a school or ball team or something like that we can give you the best option on how to do that.

Our goal is to provide you the best custom spirit wear in the most convenient and easiest manner. We understand that most of the people who spear head a school or sports team spirit wear is a volunteer. So we operate with your convenience in mind and do so with out taking much of your time. We can build a site or order form and then we handle all the order processing. If you require shipping we can also handle the shipping of the spirit wear items. If you don’t require shipping then really your own job once all the apparel and designs are chosen, would be to hand out the spirit wear to the respective buyers. In these situations we have everything bagged or boxed with the individuals name on them so you are handing things out without having to sort through things.

Here is a link to a LIVE sampe store.


Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss our spirit wear headquarters in more detail and how we can help you to raise the most money.