Custom Baseball Tees

custom baseball tees
Get your logo printed on Baseball Tees

Custom baseball tees have grown in popularity in recent years. What were once a new style of tee and fashion trend a few decades ago has now resurfaced with a vengeance. Now more companies are manufacturing custom baseball tees which means more styles and colors and fabrics. 10 years ago only two major manufacturers produced baseball tees and today over 6 companies produce them. You can now get a larger variety of colors and styles to include short sleeve, long sleeve, raglan sleeves, and now the popular burnout tee. In addition these shirts come with white and grey base colors with different colored sleeves and now there are more colors and even more base colors on the shirts.

Custom baseball tees are great for all kinds of different occasions. We have printed them for bachelor and bachelorette parties, ball teams, and even companies doing a special promotion and walk teams for foundation fundraising walks such as Autism Speaks and Komen race for a cure. Custom baseball tees make a great product for marketing because they are unique and they stand out. I know when we do our own promotions or print a run of our own logo t-shirts to give out to customers, a couple runs are the baseball tees because we know they are popular so people will wear them. They also stick out so our message gets seen.

Custom baseball tees make a great option for school’s and team sports the available colors are also the colors that are popular for school colors. So you print a design with school colors and you really have a unique cool trendy t-shirt.

If you are interested in having some custom baseball tees printed up for an event, team, or marketing, you can contact us at Contact Us