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custom printed aprons
custom aprons

Custom printed aprons are a great addition to a company’s brand. A lot of companies keep it to a hat or shirt and then keep the apron blank. If aprons are part of the brand or uniform it only makes sense to have those customized as well. While aprons are not a huge seller there is some nostalgia in the places that still make them part of their everyday business.

I remember in high school I had a job where an apron was part of the uniform. These things were just terrible. They were one size fits all so to make them really fit often times we had to fold them up to make them look right and it was just a big pain. Fortunately these are not something that got lost with technology because not they make aprons where all of the straps adjust with a simple pull. They are great and make fitting anyone a snap. In addition there are more colors available now than ever before.

There are two main process to provide custom aprons. There is embroidery which is more costly and then there is custom printed aprons through screen printing. The nice thing about screen printing is that it’s a more cost effective method. Especially if the job detail is one where aprons get dirty such as coffee houses or bakeries. You will find a small variety of nuetral colors and basic colors available. Kirkwood Trading Company can help you pick the right apron for your particular need and also assist with design and print colors.

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