Custom Printed Tees

custom printed tees in Saint Louis
Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Printed Tees in Saint Louis are the life blood of Kirkwood Trading Company. It’s an art form with roots going back as far as 500AD with Japan using it as a highly developed art in the 1600’s. Things are a little more advanced now and even in the past 20 years to where the process is not only more efficient but the artwork can have far more detail. From graphic programs to the film output printers, everything has taken a leap in technology for the better. In addition, for larger volume shops the printing is now automated through automatic printing presses make a large run order a day long process instead of a week.

From a consumer stand point there are two really nice advances in custom printed tees. The first really doesn’t have to do with the process as much as the apparel. Today there are far more brands providing an array of different colors and styles and fabrics. The fabrics are softer with more vibrant colors and textures. The price hasn’t changed a whole lot from 20 years ago. I think as long as fuel and cotton don’t skyrocket the prices of shirts won’t vary much. Although with newer fabrics such as bamboo and rayon, the price of these types of shirts certainly climb.

The other nice advance in custom printed tees is the ability of designing online through online custom printed tees designers. Now customers can upload their own artwork or choose from pre-loaded clipart and fonts and completely design their very own t-shirts from their computers. It’s an awesome way to have creative control and what’s more, when you design artwork on these shirt designers, it’s printer friendly so the printers can use the artwork as is and it’s in the correct format. Custom printed tees in Saint Louis is a fun business. We are Kirkwood Trading Company thing we do it well. Custom printed tees is what we live and breathe and we get excited to meet new customers and see how pleased they are with our work.

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