Custom Printed Tie Dye Shirts

custom printed tie dye shirts
Trendy tie dye apparel custom printed with your logo.

Like all trends, they are always bound to return. The summer of 2015 will mark another strong year for tie-dye t-shirts and it’s a great time to get custom printed tie dye shirts. They are just fun shirts and now there are new patterns, styles, and colors. Tie Dye tank tops are a great product that blend the popularity of the tank top and the tie-dye together. You can also get custom printed tie-dye hoodies, blankets, and sweatshirts.

Custom printed tie dye shirts are great for schools or churches and because of their colors they are a great shirt to get your message across. Last year we did custom printed tie dye shirts for a school taking a field trip. We thought this was a great way to keep the school together and for teachers to keep track of their students based on these shirts. They kids had a lot of fun and the cool hip shirts added to the excitement.

There is one caveat to such as great t-shirt. Since they are tie-dyed they command more labor on the front end which raises the cost of the them compared to regular solid colored shirts. The other issue is the print color. It’s important to find a design or logo and print color that will show up on the the tie-dye garment. Their nature and colors lend themselves to requiring a precise print because often times these shirts have both light and dark colors. So choosing an ink color is paramount to having great custom printed tie dye shirts.

The great news is their availability is excellent across the board. Distributors are bracing for another popular summer of this trend and we can only thank them. If you have an interest in ordering custom printed tie dye shirts we’ll be happy to provide a price for you. You can contact us here at Contact us Here

We will be happy to discuss options and pricing and ink choices based on your design color.