Digital Print Custom Tees

Digital Print Custom Tees
Custom T-shirt screen Printing St. Louis

New technology in t-shirt manufacturing has developed the trend of digital print custom tees. The entire shirt is digitally printed with various patterns such as camouflage and various other patterns. These digital print custom tees come in a variety of colors and styles including women’s, youth, and long sleeve.

These shirts pop! What that means is that whatever design or logo you have us print on these shirts will pop as well. There are two types of fabric on the digital prints. They are your traditional cotton and now the new performance poly. The performance poly is a light weight material which is both breathable and anti-microbial. With the current t-shirt trends leaning towards more tapered and light weight fabrics, these digital prints are bound to be a hit.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based custom t-shirt screen printing company. They have been operating in St. Louis for over 20 years and serve a clientele across the United States. While these digital print custom tees may seem daunting at first, the guys at Kirkwood Trading Company can help you with the right color combination of ink for the shirt color combination you choose. They can even assist in steering you in the right direction of ink colors if you are open to it.

Digital print custom tees are slowly gaining in popularity simply because they are a product of new technology. Honestly these may be shirts we look back on a decade from now and laugh, but who are we to buck trends? So for the time being if you are looking for a new fresh look for your company or team logo, check out digital print custom tees. They are sure to make a splash wherever you wear them and brand recognition is the name of the game and these shirts guarantee that.