Free Fundraising T-shirt Store

Kirkwood Trading Company
Raise funds with a custom t-shirt from Kirkwood Trading Company

Get a free fundraising t-shirt store from Kirkwood Trading Company, and open up the vast possibilities to reach your goals. We offer a FREE online fundraising store that can be used to sell a custom t-shirt or multiple items. Even if you are a seasoned fundraising machine or you are new and looking for ideas, we can help you.

With 70% of people making online purchases regularly an online store makes sense. It gives you further reach to potential donors and the convenience to have a virtual 24/7 store.

A free fundraising t-shirt store is one of the best avenues for fundraising and the reason t-shirts make a great choice is because more people are likely to donate when they receive a tangible item in return for their donation. A t-shirt is a low cost high profit tangible item. The best part about these stores are:

1. No Cost – There is absolutely no out of pocket costs for us to put a custom fundraising store together for you.
2. No Inventory – You don’t have to invest in costly inventory
3. Stores can be ready in minutes
4. We handle order processing, and if need be shipping

We have worked with many clubs, organizations, and schools on their fundraising efforts in the past that were used for things like offsetting the cost for a team to go to an out of town tournament, new jerseys for a softball team, offset medical costs for a child with cancer, raising funds for fallen officers kids college fund. The possibilities are endless and the fact it’s a free fundraising t-shirt store makes what we do that much more attractive.

How it works is simple. You provide us with the design for the shirts and tell us which shirts you want to sell. We put together the web store displaying our products. There will be a start date and an end date to the fundraiser. Once the end date has passed we print all of the orders at one time. From there we can provide delivery to one location or we can even handle the shipping of the individual shirts. We receive funds as each donor makes a shirt purchase. After the end date of the fundraiser, we then provide you with a check for the difference between what we charge for the shirts and what the shirts sold for. It’s that simple and it’s an absolutely 100% free fundraising t-shirt store for you. Say you think you can sell 500 t-shirts. Let’s say white t-shirts with a 1 color front print and our cost to you will be $4.25/each. The fundraiser is selling the shirts for $10.00. That’s a difference of $5.75 per shirt. So if you sell 500 t-shirts…that’s a profit of $2,875.00 that the fundraiser will raise. At the end of the fundraiser we would take our $4.25 from each shirt and then provide you with a check for the $2,875.00. The stores does the work for the person spearheading the fundraiser and Kirkwood Trading Company does the rest.

If you would like to learn more or discuss options we would be happy to help you. Simply contact us at