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one shirt many uses for custom t-shirt screen printing

One custom t-shirt many uses

One custom t-shirt for many uses means most of the custom t-shirts screen printers like ourselves print as the same brand and style. With up to 70 different colors in the style they are perfect for multiple uses. In 2021 alone, we’ve printed the same style t-shirt for a couple corporate clients, some small businesses, two sports teams, and one family reunion for their zoom get together. You can’t go wrong with the classic preshrunk cotton. Sure there are several other styles that are geared towards specific events. A 100% poly performance makes sense for any king of custom t-shirt for an activity such as for sports uniforms, 5K races, and even some businesses, mostly those working outside. However for the most part you can’t go wrong with the tried and true 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt.

One custom t-shirt many uses is our mantra. We’ll price the same t-shirt for almost every client as well as some other options so they can pick the best shirt for their occasion. While the 100% preshrunk cotton will be the most cost effective option, it still serves the purpose of 90% of the needs for those who want custom printed t-shirts.

Just today we printed them in safety orange for a painting company, a tropical blue for an elementary school, and a sport grey for a transmission company. Tomorrow we are set to print the same shirt in royal blue for a sports teams spirit wear as well as a schools spirit wear. We’ll also be printing 100% cotton t-shirts for a unique island community so people can show off their summer home destination. And lastly we’ll finish out the week print the same shirt in red for the faculty of a high school, a navy blue for another school clients staff, and a tree removal company will order safety green shirts to be printed Monday.

So we are talking the exact same shirt that serves the purpose of all of these people choosing it for our screen printing customization. It’s by far the most popular style and 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirts are also the durable and economical.

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