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custom graphic t shirt printing
Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom Graphic T shirts are about to get really popular. Sure, their popularity has never waned but with the increased shirt colors, styles, brands, and materials people who never use custom logo wear for promotion are starting to see the benefits. Trends are always cyclical and with today’s trends leaning towards lighter and thinner shirts, more companies than every have jumped on board. More and more companies are increasing their product line to cater to the ever growing popularity that is the custom graphic t shirts.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Printing

Today when you place an order for custom graphic t shirts you may notice a softer feeling more vibrant logo. Companies have reformulated their inks and I know from first hand experience here at Kirkwood Trading Company, when we are printing custom graphic t shirts there is a new softness to the inks. The inks go down easier and feel softer. So the weight of the shirt doesn’t really matter much anymore because the inks are thinner and softer. Of course there are some conditions where this may not be always be the case based on certain designs. For the most part this holds true.

Custom Graphic T shirts – Pricing

Custom Graphic T shirts range in price today more than ever. With all the different manufacturers and styles and colors a large gap has been created. The difference between a basic cotton t shirt and camo t shirt may be several dollars. Same holds true for a cotton t shirt and sublimated polyester tee. For the most part, 90% of the people purchasing custom printed t shirts will be in the lower spectrum of cost. This isn’t a bad thing as the quality and softness of t shirts has remained low because of manufacturer competition.

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