Custom t-shirts for a birthday party

Custom T-shirts for a birthday party

custom birthday party t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company prints custom t-shirts in St. Louis Missouri

Custom t-shirts for a birthday party is a great new trend because they are fun, inexpensive, and make a great party gift. This is a great idea for any parties that is geared around team based events or simply to keep track of the attendees on a birthday party outing.

Often times our clients come to us with a basic idea for a custom t-shirt for a birthday party. We then take that idea and create a design that is both unique and memorable. Custom t-shirts for a birthday party popularity isn’t limited to childrens parties either. We print custom birthday party t-shirts for over the hill, dirty thirty, and any age that is a true achievement from sweet 16’s to 50, 60, and all others.

Team based children’s birthday parties have gained popularity do to various places that cater to birthday parties such as lazer tag and paintball destinations. Custom birthday party t-shirts can be done in a couple different colors so you can set teams. Olympic parties are popular in Olympic years and t-shirts make a great party gift for these too.

Really though every likes to receive a t-shirt so they make a great keepsake amd party gift. Sometimes the kids will come up with the design and other times we are asked to put something together. Either way is fine with us. Just make sure you check with us on the best way for a child to design a t-shirt. There are certain ways a design can be created that bests transfers to a great t-shirt graphic. We’ll be happy to discuss how.

Now lastly, custom t-shirts for a birthday party are great for parties that involve a public destination such as a zoo or amusement park. Having color coordinated t-shirts allows the party hosts to keep track of their party attendees more easily. Having all attendees in the same colored t-shirts makes it very easy to keep track of the party and keep it together.

Just remember, people get birthday party t-shirts for all kinds of reasons. These are just some of the more common reasons, but really, we’ve printed shirts for a variety of reasons for parties.

Custom Printed Field Day T-shirts

custom printed field day T-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company

custom printed field day t-shirts

Field Day, the time honored tradition of blowing off school to play games with our classmates. If you’re lucky it involes some sort of competition against the faculty for bragging rights and some sort of coveted prize.

What’s field day with out custom printed field day t-shirts. As more and more schools create a field day more and more schools are ordering custom printed field day t-shirts. It’s become a tradition…sort of like graduation. while students look at both with equal anticipation, field day is one of the last occassions where all of the school is together at one time participating in fun activities.

Kirkwood Trading Company has printed tons of custom printed field day t-shirts over the years. The biggest trend is getting a custom shirt to setup different teams. These shirts are either done with a custom design or a the same t-shirt design printed on different colored shirts.

We can assist your custom printed field day t-shirt needs anyway you need them. They don’t have to break the bank either. Generally when it’s a school wide event and you are talking about a few hundred custom t-shirts, the price is very attractive. It also doubles as a nice keepsake for the students. Few things save a memory like an awesome graphic on a t-shirt.

You can spend as little as a few dollars per t-shirt just depending on your individual needs. We have some schools we work with every year who simply get the same design printed on a variety of colored t-shirts.

Lastly, they make a great marketing tool when the kids where the shirts around town. Great marketing for the event and the school. And kids love sporting logo wear from the school they attend.

Kirkwood Trading Company is happy to provide free price quotes on custom t-shirts and logowear. We have competitive rates locally and generally online t-shirt companies can’t even compete with local pricing.

You can contact us here and use our online quote form or give us a call or shoot us an email.Online Quote Form

Custom 5K Race Tees and tanks

Kirkwood Trading Company custom 5K tees and tanks

screen printing in St. Louis

Custom 5K race Tees and tanks

Through our fundraising arm of Talkingink, we have been building custom stores for people to sell their spirit wear and logo merchandise. It makes sense naturally that we would also include the fulfillment of printing shirts for organizations raising money and awareness through 5k races. If you have ever participated in these events then you need typically your registration fee includes a custom t-shirt created for that race. Kirkwood Trading Company has been screen printing in St. Louis for over 20 years. In that time we have printed t-shirts for numerous 5k race shirts. Everything from the major national foundations to the smaller local race events.

With competitive pricing and quick turn around we have made strives in the bulk order screen printing community because we engage the client to find out there needs, and then make it very easy to fulfill those needs with little of their time.

5K race shirts are a great item to present the participants because if done correctly, the race will have hundreds or thousands of walking billboards for their event. Since the cost should be built into registration fees, there is no cost to the foundation or organization.

In addition to screen printing custom 5k race shirts, we also assist in custom t-shirt design. While many organizations have a graphic artist design their shirt each year, others don’t. They need a professional service to create a great design that people love to wear. Kirkwood Trading Company can help in the design of the shirt and depending on the quantity needed, often times this comes at no additional cost. We love designing and seeing the collaboration of your ideas and ours come to life in the form of a 5k race shirt.

In addition to printing for the race organizaters. We also print custom team shirts and tanks for those who want to wear a something a little bit more “them.”

If you are hosting a 5k race and need to have tees and tanks printed, contact us and we’ll be happy to price your shirts as well as give you options on different materials and styles.

Using Custom T-shirts for a fundraiser

Using Custom T-shirts for a fundraiser

We wrote this blog post on our Talkingink Custom T-shirts site to let people know how profitable a well designed custom t-shirt can be for the purposes of fundraising. When it comes to fundraising of any kind, the idea is to maximize the money coming in while minimizing the money going out. Giving our customers a free online store as their selling platform puts them ahead of the game in a traditional sense of selling online.

That blog post is here Start A T-shirt Fundraiser

We have worked with 4 people on a custom t-shirt fundraiser in 2018 alone. One particular store raised over $1,000 in the first week of sales. This particular store had no idea how much money they could raise. Another store we built for a customer offered sweatshirts and t-shirts and they surpassed the $300 they were hoping to raise to offset field trip costs for a class. Talkingink Custom T-shirts handled all building the store, order processing, shipping, and dispersing of the profits for the fundraiser. Feedback was it was the easiest fundraiser they have ever done.

Currently we are in the process of starting a store for a group of medical professionals looking to raise funds for their schooling. In this particular case the customer did all of the leg work ahead of time to ensure a successful fundraising campaign. She developed the interest and now we can’t get the store launched soon enough.

If you have a purpose and need to raise funds contact us. Talkingink Custom T-shirts is the fundraising arm of Kirkwood Trading Company. Our goal is to help you raise money with a custom t-shirt fundraiser and we’ll do so in the most convenient way possible. So you can spend your time doing other things.

Custom T-shirt Brand printing company

custom t-shirt brand printing company

Kirkwood Trading company screen prints your brand t-shirts

Custom T-shirt Brand Printing Company

So you want to launch a t-shirt brand but have no idea where to start. You understand the earning potential and how fun the business is but you have been putting it off because it seems too complicated or you have no idea on where to begin.

Well look no further. We’ll lay it out to you in simple terms and how you can take your next t-shirt idea into a money maker. It’s much easier than you think and we are your one stop shop for everything you will need.

Creating the shirt:
So you have a design or designs you want to have printed on t-shirts. Kirkwood Trading Company can provide you with full line of apparel to choose and as a custom t-shirt brand printing company for over 20 years, we can also work with you on specific shirt brands and styles that are good sellers. We can discuss best practices and provide you with mock ups. This way you get an idea of what the shirts will look like once printed to your specs.

Selling the shirt:
We print for custom brands that have their own store be it online for a physical brick and mortar location as well as brands that we provide with a free online store. That’s right, we’ll build your store custom with your products, logos, and only your brand. There is absolutely no cost to you and it’s a professional store that takes a day or two to get setup.

In addition we handle all the order processing and shipping. We create custom labels for your brand, package them, and ship them. We give you more than you would expect from a custom t-shirt brand printing company. You collect the revenue.

We keep it simple. We keep your costs down and all the work in production so you can concentrate on your market and promotion. A custom t-shirt brand printing company should have your best interest in mind. It’s a relation that benefits both parties and from our perspective we are giving our clients the highest quality product at a great price with a fast turn around while offering convenience.

Here is a sample store we currently have running for a client.

It’s simple straight forward and everything you’d expect from a custom t-shirt brand printing company.

Contact us for the nuts and bolts of the details and you’ll truly see how working with Kirkwood Trading Company is easier than you ever expected.

Custom Work Safety T-shirts

custom work safety t-shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company custom t-shirts in St. Louis

Custom Work Safety T-shirts

Custom work safety t-shirts have become a must have in recent years with the rules and regulations by OSHA. So in order to be in compliance on job sites companies must outfit their workers in safety green or safety orange t-shirts. The logical choice is to customize these with your company logo on them. Some companies will see this as a new expense and having to spend more money now than they had to in years past. However smart companies will embrace this regulation and see it as a very cost effective marketing opportunity.

For companies that embrace these regulations then they understand they’ll have several walking billboards in the form of custom work safety T-shirts out and about town. We have worked with several companies who use their custom work safety t-shirts as their only form of advertising. The most popular companies to benefit from this are lawncare companies, independent contractors, and tree care companies. However we have several companies who embrace the custom work safety t-shirts because you never know what opportunities can arise when your company name is spread around town.

The nice thing about custom work safety t-shirts is that most of the time companies choose to put a simple black screen print on the shirts because black shows up great on safety green and safety orange apparel. Keeping it a one color print means the shirts are as cost effective as possible.

And work safety gear has come a long way and is not limited to t-shirts. You can now get tall tees, hoodies, zip hoodies, long sleeve shirts, jackets, hats, beanies, and even all of these types of styles with reflective striping on them as well. So there are a lot of options as the need for custom work safety t-shirts and apparel grows.

If you are in the market for custom work safety t-shirts or apparel, give Kirkwood Trading Company a call. They’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss options and pricing based on your specific need. Screen printing in St. Louis for over 20 years we have streamlined our screen printing process saving our clients time and money while adding the convenience.

Custom t-shirts for wedding party

custom t-shirts for wedding party

Kirkwood Trading Company

Custom T-shirts for wedding party

The custom t-shirts for wedding party is a huge trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Whether it’s team bride, team groom, last fling before the ring shirts or tanks, it’s a popular trend that hasn’t even hit it’s twilight. In fact this trend may last decades because it’s actually pretty fun. Why noy show off the matrimonial posse with matching tees or tank tops? It gets everyone involved and it’s an immediate ice breaker and fun for all who wear!

One thing for certain, our orders for custom wedding party tshirts and tanks was up 100% this year. People are enjoying the experience and what better way to show solidarity when you have a destination bachelor or bachelorette party to say Memphis or Nashville, two big hotspots for midwest wedding parties. We’ve printed the subtle to the outrageous and everything in between. That just depends on the taste of what is typically the best man or the maid of honor. However, we don’t judge. We get a kick out of all it. Since it’s a great way for a party to come together we enjoy working with the wedding party on what arguably is the best night of the whole getting married experience.

Kirkwood Trading Company carries a full line of t-shirts from standard cotton to super soft blends as well as tons of tanks for both women and men. Another popular choice is custom hats but keep in mind the turn around on custom embroidered hats is a little longer than screen printed tees and tanks. And one thing we know for sure is typically these wedding party t-shirts are a last minute idea. Albeit a great last minute idea but last minute nonetheless.

But for many it’s a one time occasion and I’m not talking about the bride or groom. I’m talking about the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Who knows how many times any particular person will get to experience being part of the wedding. Wedding party t-shirts make a great commemorative piece.

Contact Kirkwood Trading Company for your next wedding party t-shirts and we’ll be happy to make sure they are shirts to remember.

fraternity sorority custom rush shirts

Fraternity sorority custom rush shirts

Kirkwood Trading Company

Fraternity sorority custom rush shirts

As a new school year is upon us and so to is the need for custom rush shirts. Greek life are fantastic at coming up with catchy themes for their rush t-shirts and as a local St. Louis screen printer, we get a big kick out of the various themes. There are definately similar themes among colleges in various geographically areas. Greek life on the coasts promote the sun and beach while midwest fraternities and sororities tend to have liquor themed custom rush shirts. There is no doubt that college kids are creative when it comes to designing custom rush shirts and creating a design that is very appealing. At one time or another we have printed custom rush shirts for fraternities and sororities in every chapter.

The nice thing from a screen printers perspective is once we do a job at one college or university for a chapter, our name gets spread around to the other chapters around campus.

More often than not the designs we receive from greek chapters is just an idea, a rough image of what they want their shirts to look like. Kirkwood Trading Company works with these students to convert their idea into a refined finished product, a custom rush shirt.

One common theme among fraternities and sororities no matter their geographic location is their choice of shirt, comfort colors. Comfort Colors for greek life and various fraternities and sororities are a staple. Kirkwood Trading Company carries a full line of Comfort Colors tees, tanks, hoodies, and more.

We ship custom rush shirts all over the country in about 1 week with competitive pricing and the highest quality screen printing. We’ve built a nice following among the greek life do to our quality, customer service, and fast turn around.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to take a look at what you need and how we can help.

T Shirt printing for schools

t shirt printing for schools

Kirkwood Trading Company screen printing in St. Louis

T shirt printing for schools

Schools utilize custom tshirts and logo wear for many reasons be it spirit wear, faculty and staff shirts, team shirts, and even fundraising. Schools understand the power of marketing which is why you never see a school who does have logo wear. It’s cost effective promotion that is effective because students and faculty alike are proud to announce their affilitioin with a particular school.

Kirkwood Trading Company screen prints logo wear and spirit wear for schools of all sizes ranging from small montessori schools to large Universities and everything in between. We print for schools in a few different ways. T shirt printing for schools is the same for each school. The only difference is the purpose for each schools specific needs.

1. Direct point of order. You need shirts for a specific reason and we print what you need.

2. Spirit wear, we can supply your spirit store with all of the latest products and even help with designs too. We carry a full line of apparel from the basic cottons to the soft blends and tons of performance apparel.

3. Free online spirit or fundraising store. Yes you read that correctly. We can provide you with your own dedicated online spirit store free of charge. We’ll build the store with the products you want to offer to the students and faculty with the designs you choose.

While spirit wear is the largest part of what we do for schools we also do a fair amount of class shirts, senior t-shirts, championship t-shirts for sports teams as well as student council shirts, field day shirts and faculty apparel.

Kirkwood Trading Company has been t shirt printing for schools for over 20 years. We know the popular products and what’s in and what’s out. What going to be hot for a year and have all the kids buying and promoting your school.

If you’re looking for t shirt printing for schools contact us at Kirkwood Trading Company and we’ll show you what we can do, price everything out, and give you the appropriate lead times which is very fast.

contact us

Custom Logo Tees Fast

custom logo tees fast

Kirkwood Trading Company St. Louis

Custom Logo Tees Fast

Printing custom logo tees fast is what we do. Why wait 2 weeks when you don’t have to. Kirkwood Trading Company prioritizes each order so that they get out in a reasonable amount of time so our customers are looking at days, not weeks. Our typical turn around time is 4-6 business days.

Here at Kirkwood Trading Company we have built our reputation on meeting or exceeding customer deadlines. With our 20 years of screen printing experience in St. Louis we have our process dialed in and have always been completely reliant on all of our services. The only thing we do rely on is the apparel distributors for the shirts and apparel. All of our printing and graphics services are done in-house which saves our customers time and money.

Let’s face it, people are busy and while a large percentage of people have a plan to order t-shirts and give plenty of time, sometimes things slip our minds for a multitude of reasons. That’s okay, Kirkwood Trading Company has you covered. We can assist in the artwork, we have among the most experienced screen printers, and as a company, we know how to prioritize to get your job done.

In order to assist us in providing you with the best service and product possible, here are a few things our customers can do before they place their order.

1. Artwork is key. Jobs go a lot smoother and a lot faster when we receive proper artwork which would be a vector file. This is a scalable file that allows us to provide color separations, size to correct proportions, and print a sharp looking design. If you have a jpeg or bitmap file, these are raster images and cannot be color separated. So these types of files need additional work which can delay a job. This would all be discussed with our client before hand so they know what to expact and what is reasonable.

2. When it comes to shirt style, color, and quantities, knowing these even during the quote process will make things smoother and easier. If you plan on placing an order having all of this information ready is paramount.

The more information we have the more ready a client is prepared on their end, the smoother and faster the entire process will go. Like anything.