Custom Jerseys and Athletic Uniforms in Saint Louis

Custom jerseys  and athletic uniforms in Saint Louis
Kirkwood Trading Company provides sports jerseys and athletic uniforms fast

Order custom jerseys and athletic uniforms from Kirkwood Trading Company and receive your order in a fraction of the time compared to those other guys. We get it, you ordered your jerseys from somewhere over a month ago and you still don’t have them and your first game is in a few days. Unfortunately you went to the wrong place. Yes it’s the place everyone goes for their custom jerseys and athletic uniforms, but they also sell soccer balls, frisbees, water bottles, golf balls, jackets, and all kinds of sporting equipment. They aren’t printers and chances are they don’t even do the printing on your jerseys, they send that out somewhere else. So not only are custom jersey and athletic uniforms not their main business, they don’t even do it in-house. So you are sacrificing time and money and sometimes even quality.

Custom jerseys and athletic uniforms are nothing new for Kirkwood Trading Company. We are a screen printer and the majority of what we do is custom t-shirts and sweatshirts and sweatpants and shorts. But guess what, about 20% of what we print is custom jerseys and athletic uniforms. We offer a variety of manufacturers and styles covering both adults and youth styles. We print and letter and number in-house under one roof. Since we print in-house we can control quality and time, both of which are the biggest hurdles when you purchase from somewhere. Since everything is in-house we also save you money.

The next time you are in the market for custom jerseys and athletic uniforms, give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you one on one and see what your needs are and where we can provide the best cost effective solution. We can tell you what to expect up front and that’s that at the very longest your custom jerseys and athletic uniforms will be ready inside 2 weeks at the longest.