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raising money for breast cancer awareness with t-shirts

custom printed breast cancer awareness t-shirts

October will be here before we know it. Calls for them are already starting to come in and we’re over two months away. That’s a good thing. People are getting prepared early. Custom printed breast cancer awareness shirts are a concept that just keeps getting bigger. It works, and custom printed t-shirts to show the awareness is one of the most cost effective ways to do so.

I tried doing some research on the return on investment (ROI) custom printed breast cancer awareness t-shirts bring in through the exposure and couldn’t find anything on that. I would have to think it’s a lot. Professional sports teams spend a small fortune on warm up jerseys with matching socks and gloves and shoes and mouth pieces and towels. So the return in dollars must be pretty high for the investment. Since our customers who do local walks aren’t professional sports teams, the price has to fit the project. custom printed breast cancer awareness shirts are about as cost effective as it gets when it comes to purchasing a one of a kind product. This doesn’t take into account the statistics that one custom t-shirts gets when it’s noticed on an average day in an average town. The answer is hundreds of exposures. Think about that. We were our t-shirts to the grocery store, the post office, the gas station. We wear shirts when picking up our children from school, when we’re working out, when we are dining out. When we’re visiting a neighbor or walking our dog or going to a barbeque. We’re typically wearing some kind of shirt with a logo on it. People we pass notice this logo or design. So exposure from a t-shirt is great. Which is why custom printed breast cancer awareness t-shirts make a lot of sense.

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