Custom Printed Hoodies

Custom Printed Hoodies
Custom Hooded Sweatshirts

Custom Printed Hoodies are nothing new but they are all the range in 2014 and 2015. As their popularity has grown over the years so too have their color options and the materials from which they are made.

Now more than ever people looking to have custom printed hoodies have a lot of options. There are no both light weight and heavy weight options that are made of a blend of cotton and polyester. You can order performance wicking polyester hoodies, and the color availability in both full zip and pullover is larger than ever. Ladies can choose from their own slim fit light weight hoodies and youth hoodies have come a long way as well.

When you order your custom printed hoodies from Kirkwood Trading Company you know you are getting the highest quality printing in the St. Louis area with the fastest turn around time for your order. We will speak with you to see what your needs are and choose a hooded sweatshirt that is right for you. Traditional women have started leaning towards the full zip hoodie because the zipper allows them to easily take it off or put it on without messing up their hair. Newer lighter weight and color combinations have also enhanced the female market for the hoodie. Women can choose a highly tapered hoodie or a slightly tapered hoodie. They can choose traditional colors or newer modern colors and even look for a contrasting drawstring or interior fabric.

When it comes to men the options are ever present as well with the newer performance materials available at a more reasonable price than years past. You can choose color accents for team sports in by accent panels or piping along the perimeter of the hoodie. Camo hoodies have come a long way as well with about 6 to 8 different camo patterns including digital and traditional woodland and desert patterns.

Kirkwood Trading Company is a St. Louis based screen printer specializing in custom t-shirts and logo apparel. We have been printing for over 20 years and serve a clientele throughout the United States. If you have a need for custom printed hoodies, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to look at your needs and see how we can help.