Logo Placement Guide For Custom T-shirts

logo placement guide for custom t-shirts
Guide showing traditional logo placement on custom t-shirt printing

This logo placement guide for custom t-shirts is meant to assist anyone looking to have t-shirts made who may not be sure where to put the print. While most people ordering custom t-shirts have an idea where they want their logo to go, many people don’t. Truth be told, depending on your logo, certain logo’s actually need to be placed in a certain location to be effective while other logos can be screen printed anywhere and look good.

Logo Placement on Front of custom t-shirt

You really have 3 logo or design placements when it comes to the front of the t-shirt. The full front is traditionally 12 inches by 12 inches or smaller but squared. Then there is the smaller front center print which is great for certain logo and ladies tees. Then there is the left chest. The left chest is a different beast honestly. Left chest is typically a personal preference. For me personally if you are going to have a single print on the t-shirt my suggestion would be to do a full front print, not a left chest. Some people like a left chest because it’s subtle and not so in your face. But for a single print I prefer my message, logo, design be seen and I prefer a full font or center print. A t-shirt is a walking billboard and the purpose of the shirt is to simply get your message out there.

Logo Placement on Back of custom t-shirt

The back of t-shirts are always a good option so people see your message coming or going. You’ll see on the logo placement guide for custom t-shirts that you can have a traditional back print or a tag print. The back print is an attention grabber but so to is the tag print because it’s a trendy print placement. I’ll never be a fan of back only prints and if you are going to have one print on a t-shirt it always needs to the be front. With back prints, full back prints make a great compliment to a left chest print and a tag print compliments a full front print very well.

Hopefully this logo placement guide for custom t-shirts helps you visualize your own design on shirts you will be ordering. As I mentioned earlier, some designs lend themselves to a certain placement. Kirkwood Trading Company can help you on that decision and provide you with digital mock ups so you can see first hand what your logo will look like on the finished product. Part of the ordering process with us is that we provide all of our customers a digital mock up to approve prior to printing.

You can contact us anytime to place an order or to inquire about placing at order at Kirkwood Trading Company website