performance tshirt brand comparison

performance tshirt brand comparison
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Performance tshirt brand comparison – what you don’t know

This is an artile about a performance tshirt brand comparison. So I’ll just start out by breaking your heart. There isn’t a difference in most cases. We posted a similar article about brand loyalty versus product loyalty you can read here. Click here

I play a lot of golf and I am a slave to Nike golf shirts. Not because I think they are the best shirts but because they offer colors and patterns I like and newer styles and cutting edge technology. I do also own and wear a few everyday brand shirts as well and I also tend to wear FootJoy golf shirts, Under Armor golf shirts, and others. The reason I wear so many brands is because a particular brand offers a color or style I like, not because I think I’m getting the best technology. Performance poly is performance poly.

The same thing can be said when with a performance tshirt brand comparison. There is no difference between the leading global apparel companies and the smaller independent apparel companies when it comes to quality. One thing my customers always ask me is about a shirt durability. So while I’ll tell you there is no difference between the largest global companies performance t-shirt and the smaller independent companies, there are some companies I steer clear of for my clients benefit.

But let’s talk durability. Yes there are companies I’ll asbolutely stay away from and let me customers know why. It’s simply a quality issue because some companies shirts are prone to snags and runs. But honestly thing polyester performance tshirts are always prone to that to an extent.

Technology wise there is absolutely no difference and even quality wise, for the most part, we sell 3 smaller companies in addition to the 3 biggest global companies performance shirts. Other than color options, durability is exactly the same. The only real difference is the price you pay which tends to be significantly less with a smaller brand. Let’s face it, saving money is good. At the end of the day if you are looking for Royal Blue custom performance tshirts, everything being equal, you’d opt to not pay more than you need to.

I can promise you that if I took Royal Blue performance poly tshirts from 6 difference brands and removed the brand identifying marks, you’d be hard pressed to pick out the difference between the shirt that costs $18/each or the shirt that costs $6/each. The cut would be the same or have a subtle difference. The color of Royal might have the slightest difference in shade, and the feel would for the most part be identical. So looking at a performance tshirt brand comparison, you really can’t go wrong any way you slice it. It depends on your budget, your taste, and what makes you feel like you got the value you deserved. We have customers all the time calling for a certain brand and we simply tell them to stay away. That shirt won’t last 2 washings before it gets runs, take a look at this brand instead. Same price point, same feel, same benefits from the poly.

If you would like to know more about performance tshirt brand comparison when you are looking for custom printed t-shirts. Give us a call and we’ll steer you in the right direction and give you pricing options that fit both your needs, your budget, and your value and quality expectations.