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Custom T shirt ordering
Things to know when preparing to order custom t-shirts.

how to place a custom t-shirt order

This article is a brief overview of what you need to know on how to place a custom t-shirt order. If you follow these simples steps the entire process is very easy and will save you money in the end. Shirt designers and shirt printers work with all types of customers and while some are seasoned veterans when it comes to order custom t-shirts. The only difference between them and a first timer is preparation. Use these simple steps to prepare yourself before contacting a local screen printer.

1. Step One – Artwork
Artwork is by far the biggest obstacle when it comes to ordering printed shirts. When it comes to screen printing, printers like us need artwork in a specific format. This format is known as vector which allows us to scales the design and color separate it with our graphic software. Each print color requires it’s own screen. In order to prepare each screen each color gets printed on it’s own film. A vector file ensure a crisp image output and allows us to size the image appropriately for the order. Having vector artwork means a smooth ordering process and and will ensure a faster turn around time. When clients give us artwork in jpeg, bitmap, tif, png, word, or any other raster image file, that means we have to spend additional time either cleaning the artwork up or converting it to vector. This takes time and costs money and slows the ordering process down.

We understand not everyone has the ability to provide vector artwork and we are here to help with that. However if you have a graphic artist design something for you always get a vector copy of the work. A vector file is one file you can use for anything you’ll ever need to get your logo printed on anything. If that’s not possible just plan on paying a little extra for the shirt printing company to convert your artwork.

Files you want to avoid sending to screen printers would be jpeg, png, word doc, and pretty much any format you can open on your own computer. If you are unable to open it on your own computer chances are it’s the file we need because you have to have the correct software to open it.

2. Step Two – Shirt Style / Quantity
We understand there are a lot of choices to make when choosing the right custom t-shirt. Roughly 90% of the shirts customers order is a 5oz preshrunk cotton. It’s the least expensive shirt and comes in a lot of colors and is durable. When in doubt this shirt will always work for your needs. When in doubt we can always assist you in choosing the correct shirt for you needs. There are blends, performance materials, and various types of cotton all with their own specific pricing.

Quantity is probably the most important thing screen printers need to provide you with a price. We get so many calls from people telling us the want to order some t-shirts and want to know how much they will cost. I wish it was that simple but it just isn’t. Asking for a t-shirt quote by only providing that you are looking to order t-shirts and want to know the price is like calling a car dealer and telling them you want to buy a new car and want to know how much it will cost. Much like a car dealer needs to know what brand of car you want, and what style of car you want, and all of the options you want in order to give you a price, we too need more information to price your order correctly.

– How many shirts to you want to order?
– What type of shirt do you want to order?
– How many colors are in your design?
– And where are we printing your design? On the front? On the front and back?

Knowing the answers to these 4 questions before you call a screen printing company will make the phone call and getting a quote very easy. It will be a very efficient phone call and when the call is over you’ll be armed with all the answers and pricing you will need to make a decision.

To summarize, if you have these few pieces of information handy you’ll make the custom t-shirt buying experience that much more enjoyable. How to place a custom t-shirt order is simple. You just need a few things handy.

1. Vector artwork
2. Know what shirt style you are interested in
3. Know how many shirts you need
4. Know when you will need the shirts ready.

The more of an idea you have on what you need the better. Converting artwork costs money and creating artwork for clients cost money. While we create and convert a fair share of customer artwork it does slow the process down by a few days.

However we are always here for questions. Just ask. We are always happy to walk someone through the process of ordering custom t-shirts.